Derby Research School

Making the Difference for Disadvantaged Pupils

Join us on our highly innovative 5 module programme where we explore the
following questions:
• What does the evidence say about how disadvantaged learners make
• How can we respond to the disadvantaged gap in light of the
• What does your school need to focus on to make the biggest impact?
• How can the Pupil Premium Strategy drive your school’s improvement?

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Teaching for Memory

Join us as we dig deep into the research in the field of Cognitive Science and explore the
implications for teaching and curriculum design.

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Huntington Research School

Message from Hutington Research School

We are excited to announce the return, this May, of our popular programme: USING EVIDENCE TO DEVELOP METACOGNITION AND SELF-REGULATION.

As children return full-time to school and we look to support them, the best available evidence indicates that great teaching is the most important lever we have to improve outcomes for our pupils - click here.

Metacognition is a significant component of high quality teaching as we can explicitly teach pupils to monitor and purposefully direct their thinking and learning. We now have evidence that the disadvantage gap has widened and on average disadvantaged students are less likely to have these strategies and to benefit from explicitly taught them.


The EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit shows that on average metacognition and self-regulation interventions have an impact of 7 months additional progress. When attending this programme you will:

  • Develop an understanding of metacognition and self-regulation;
  • Be provided with the tools and processes for self-review;
  • Be provided with guidance on effective implementation;
  • Be offered practical resources and tools to use in school;
  • Be given the skills and knowledge to be able to offer in-school training that is evidence based.

 For more information and booking details please see our website

Any schools who are intending to send multiple delegates please get in touch to discuss a bespoke package and costing.


We are also excited to offer the following free twilight sessions:

26th April: Social and Emotional Learning

Research has shown that good social and emotional skills—including self-regulation, self-awareness, and social skills—developed by the age of ten, are predictors of a range of adult outcomes, such as life satisfaction and wellbeing, labour market success, and good overall health. However, many of our disadvantaged children have, on average, weaker social and emotional skills at all ages.

Few teachers receive support on how they can develop these skills in their everyday teaching practice and therefore this twilight is designed to support teachers to develop their skills and their understanding of social and emotional learning in the primary classroom.


May 5th and 19th: The EEF Guide to Supporting School Planning: A Tiered Approach 

A two-part twilight, that builds on the EEF guide, aiming to support school leaders with their planning. Part 1 focuses upon high-quality teaching as the best available evidence indicates that great teaching is the

most important lever schools have to improve outcomes for their pupils.

Part 2 will look targeted academic support as well as wider strategies to tackle non-academic barriers to success in school, including attendance, behaviour and social and emotional support.

FREE Primary PE Resource 

Affinity TSA and Discovery Trust is pleased to share with you a new online resource which has been created by a number of PE Leaders and Headteachers from across the alliance. This web resource is designed to support Primary Colleagues in their planning, thinking and teaching. All resources are available to view and download by simply clicking the links on the webpages.

The resource has been created following a yearlong project funded by the DFE and we hope you find the resources useful.