Galvanising the Self Improving System to Effect Improved Outcomes in Our Schools

Regional Conference Workshop


Thank you to all of you that attended the EMSYH Regional School-led conference workshop on Tuesday 6th February.  

This conference workshop was the first opportunity to bring together our new region since the realignment of South Yorkshire and Humber.  Colleagues were able to network, collaborate and share the importance of effective processes to support the eidencing of impact.



Presentation slides 

Peer Review Framework  

Knowledge Hub 


Resources from Stef Edward's presentation;

Evidence-Informed Teaching: Self-assessment tool for schools 

Evaluating Professional Development 

Guskey's five levels

Gauge Impact with 5 levels of data 

The Rules of Evidence 

Teacher Professional Learning and Development 

Timperley, 2011



42% of the regions 85 Teaching Schools attended the conference. 

51% of delegates came from the East Midlands and 49% from the newly aligned sub regions, South Yorkshire and Humber;

6th Feb overview chart3

Key messages from the evaluations recieved include;

  • 90% expressed interest in centrally led approach to Peer Review and Self Evaluation
  • Review how to collate and demonstrate evidence and impact
  • Collaboration regarding SSIF and further funding opportunities 
  • Continued collaboration across the entire region

These key messages will be reviewed at the summer conference in June with a continued focus on Peer Review and Self Evaluation. 

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