Regional Education Summit Group

The Regional Education Summit Group brings together key leaders within the current education system. They meet on a voluntary basis 3-4 times per year, recognising that for the education landscape is subject to on-going significant change and that greater coherence is more likely if the significant partners and their organisations communicate and collaborate effectively. To this end the Summit Group is publishing the joint statement below to schools and all other partners to emphasise some important messages.

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Membership of the Regional Summit Group

  • Regional Schools Commissioner: John Edwards
  • Ofsted: Steve McMullan and Helen Lane/Lee Owston
  • Teaching Schools Council Representatives: Chris Wheatley and Humber Representative: Chris Abbott
  • Teaching Schools Sub Regional Leads: Helen Barker, Paul Goodman, Tom Banham, Richard Ludlow
  • LA Directors of Children’s Services: Jane Moore and Jon Stonehouse
  • MAT CEOs: Matt Freeston, Rebecca Meredith, Rowena Hackwood, Andy Yarrow and Mark Wilson
  • EMSYH Regional Strategy Co-ordinator: Kate McKenna
  • LA Schools and Learning Leads: Kathryn Boulton, Heather Sandy, Andrew Jones and Maxine Squire
  • Council Elected Members: Cllr Alex Dale and Cllr Sarah Russell
  • Diocesan Boards of Education: Jackie Dewhurst Waters (CE), Peter Giorgio (RC) and Andrew Smith (CE)
  • Governors: Jane Lewis (NLG)




Joint Statement

“The participants of this Regional Education Summit Group recognise and are committed to the shift towards a sector-led approach to the development and improvement of the school system. We understand the fundamental need over the next few years to build the capacity of school-led arrangements to ensure that all children and young people in the region can attend good and outstanding local schools.

We recognise the individual and collective role that can be played by the partners of this Summit Group to support the development of the school system and we are committed to work in strategic partnership over the coming years to maximise the positive impact we can have.

Most importantly we emphasise the need for good local schools in every community, accountable for their service to that local community. Recent policy changes mean that much of responsibility for improvement now rests with schools themselves and the children and young people of the region require the school-led system to operate effectively.

We believe it is vital that every school in the region makes good connections with school-led structures that can provide them with both challenge for their performance and access to support for improvement. The next few years will see an increasing role in the school system for organisations that will hold the resources for support and challenge.

Local Authorities and the Regional Schools Commissioner will continue to have their respective duties to support maintained schools and academies to drive improved outcomes for pupils. It is important that each party share information, intelligence and aspiration, having mutual respect for what each party is trying to achieve. Where these aspirations are not aligned, we commit to ongoing dialogue to help understanding.

The Regions Teaching School Alliances are now increasingly working in local groups to establish a coherent programme of school improvement across their areas. The increasing numbers of Teaching Schools and the growing maturity of their partnership work mean that their offer will reach every school and make a meaningful contribution to school improvement across the region.

The growth and development of alliances and trusts provide an opportunity for schools to work collectively to provide support and challenge to improve outcomes for young people. The members of this Summit Group will work with trusts and other alliances to support them to fulfill their school improvement role effectively.

The Summit Group members are committed to work with mutual understanding, honesty and respect, acknowledging the separate roles we play in different parts of the sector to develop a more coherent approach that brings strength to the school system in the region. We are ambitious for our schools and recognise that continuing improvement requires a relentless focus upon learning with the pursuit of excellence for all children.

We came into careers in education because of a compelling moral imperative to do the very best for children and young people. We are realistic about the size of the task we face in the coming years to create an effective school system in the region that enables schools and their staff to retain and develop that same passion and zeal for the privilege of working with young learners.

Through this joint statement we align our efforts with this moral imperative and commit to work with each other and with the region’s schools to support the development of an effective school system that is characterised by a sector-led approach.”

Joint Statement, January 2017

Regional Middle Tier Diagram

Enquiries about the Regional Education Summit should be addressed either to group members listed above or to who supports the group.