Learners First

Welcome to Learners First Schools Partnership

Learners First Schools Partnership is an inclusive, not-for-profit teaching school partnership of over 200 schools and academies. As one of the first 100 Teaching Schools to be designated in the country, Learners First is a large, well established and successful partnership covering all phases (0-19) and school contexts with a proven track record across all key performance indicators. Learners First is based in South Yorkshire and much of its work takes place across this area but the partnership has strong connections with many other schools, academies, multi academy trusts, teaching schools and system leaders from across the country.

Learners First provides high quality, relevant professional development and facilitates opportunities for forward thinking research and school-to-school support to promote meaningful collaboration and school improvement. The main focus of Learners First is to build excellence and address underperformance in equal measure through system-led school improvement and leadership development.

To achieve this ambition, the work of Learners First is organised into three core interdependent areas: Leadership Development, School-to-School Support, and Governance with the principle objective of all activity being to better deliver the mission in a greater number of schools and settings.