Sub Regional Leads 

At the start of the 2018/19 academic year, the region agreed to review the EMSYH Regional Infrastructure and appoint 4 Sub Regional Leads via an Expression of Interest process.  This appointment is funded by the TSC Regional Delivery Grant to support the development of the Teaching School infrastructure across East Midlands, South Yorkshire and Humber. 

The appointed Sub Regional Leads are:

  • East Midlands North - Paul Goodman, Flying High Teaching School, Nottinghamshire 
  • East Midlands South - Helen Barker, Kyra Teaching School, Lincolnshire 
  • South Yorkshire - Tom Banham, Tykes Teaching School, Barnsley
  • York and Humber -TBC

The Sub-Regional Lead’s role and responsibilities is to:

  • Ensure the effective delivery of 2018 TSC commissions, working with Sub-Regional colleagues to develop an appropriate Sub-Regional delivery infrastructure within a ‘protected’ funding allocation.
  • Engage with and support system leaders, including NLGs, managing brokerage functions to  ensure that impactful improvement capacity is developed and deployed where it is most needed by those most able to provide.
  • Respond to requests to input information into the Regional calendar and Knowledge Hub as required.
  • Represent the Sub-Region in regional meetings and activities.
  • Work with other Sub-Regional hub leads, supported by the Regional Strategic Coordinator and BSP to facilitate regional working, sharing of practice and maximise capacity.
  • Evaluate the impact of support, providing evidence and knowledge into regional and national processes as required and requested. 
  • Lead on a key work strand for the region.
  • Develop and position the system ready for 2019 +

Local Hub Leads remain in place across the region and support the Sub Regional Leads in their role.  The roles and responsibilties of a Local Hub Lead may differ across each sub region however, the expectations and deliverables include: 

  • Establishing and maintaining the Local Hub infrastructure
  • Supporting the delivery of TSC commissions and deliverables
  • Strategic engagement in the work of the EMSYH region

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